Hey! I'm Donna, I'm one of those kids that has (probably) too many tattoos, a few piercings and your grandma will probably look at me and think I've made some poor life choices.....but she will love me, I promise! 

I love candid photos, genuine moments & celebrating love between two people. I get so excited when couples put a personal spin on their wedding day and celebrate whats important to them. It makes every wedding special and I love being invited to capture it! 

Ironically, i'm the most awkward person in front of the camera but these days I embrace that and encourage all my fellow awkward peeps to do the same. Give me all the ugly laughs & snorts any day!

About me

 what inspired me to become a photographer 

That time I fell down the rabbit hole...

Years ago I fell down a (giant) rabbit hole of genealogy.  I spent hours and hours researching my family tree and with every satisfying find, I would  try and find old photos to put a face to the name. When I reached my ancestors who had no photos to tell their story, it made me realise how valuable photographs are.

Couples & their love stories

I love meeting with  couples in such positive, love-filled circumstances and when they put their trust in me to document the day, I ensure that their images represent them,  their personalities & their love story.  No gallery will ever be the same and this is what I love!

My style is bold & emotive with images being quite true to colour (with some slight variations).

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat

When you hire me as your photographer, I will help plan the timeline for your wedding, guide you through the day with some slight prompting (if needed) and ensure you step back, take a moment to be present with your partner and enjoy every part of the day you have worked so hard to bring to life!

Every moment and detail will be captured with candid images, documenting the day as it is. When I find the perfect time to sneak you and your partner for some portrait photos, I am guided by you as a couple, if heavy posing isn't your thing- perfect! we will laugh, walk and capture beautiful, organic photos with no fuss.  

Photos shouldn't be a daunting task, they should be the perfect combination of fun an intimate so I ensure that we shake off any nerves so you are completely comfortable and enjoy the experience. 

Aurora hunting & fishing is kind of the same thing...

One of my more recent interests is astrophotography.

My goal for 2023 us to get an epic shot of the southern lights (aurora) alongside the milky way. To get this kind of shot it's kind of like fishing...in water....not knowing if there's fish....and you don't know if you have the right bait... but stay tuned on my socials because you can be sure ill post that bad boy if I get it!

Putting my camera down, I love op shop hauls, finding unique little items, markets and exploring local beaches with the family, enjoying all the hidden gems Bass Coast has to offer!

"Oh my goodness, the happiness to see these photos was unbelievable. 
We cannot thank you enough for capturing our day with the exact vibe I described. 
These images are my exactly what I envisioned and I am so grateful for them. 

Thank you so much, I cannot wait to pour over these for days to come. 

We love them, and having you as part of our wedding meant the world to us. From making me so excited my wedding plan might actually work, your positive attitude when it came to the worst weather, keeping Nathan in line on the day and just being a great sport and fun guest on the day. 

We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us." 


Nathan & Melissa

March, 2020

Harry & Lauren

Place your second review here. Something a little like...Chantelle made our wedding day. She is such a joy to be around and our photos are stunning!

Arpil, 2019

Michael & Jessica

Keep those reviews coming. Make sure they are quick, easy and interesting to read.

September, 2020

Nick & Veronica

Last but not least your show stopper! Make sure your clients know that you are the real deal and loved by your clients.